Highgrow Floris Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., is Promoted by Mr. P. RAMAMOHAN RAO, a Post Graduate in Chemistry having more than 30 years industrial experience in various inorganic and non-ferrous metallurgical industries. In addition he is a lead auditor for quality management (ISO 9001) system and conducted about 100 audits in various industries in Andhra Pradesh.

The industry in the manufacture of Micro Nutrients for plants is based on compositions suggested by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Out of 15 elements required by plants Calcium, Hydrogen and Oxygen are supplied through water and air.

Farmer in general will provide primary nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potash in various forms. Second Nutrients Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur are supplied from Gypsum, Dolomite and through additives in Primary Nutrients.

Micronutrients like Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Molybdenum and Boron are also equally important for healthy growth of plants and higher yields. But farmers are neglecting its usage due to lack of understanding and availability. To overcome this nutrients deficiency we took it as a mission to educate the farmers to use the nutrients to improve their per acre income. All the nutrients in both powders and liquids are based on latest PA technology sourced by SP Tech Inc. New Jersey.

All the nutrients are made to suit particular crop requirements. Absorption of micro nutrients is faster and plant, will be healthy and yields will be higher.

The sister unit "Floris Chemicals" is involved in the manufacture of Potassium sulphate and import substitute fertilizer, particularly for Tobacco and grape farms and a suckericide to eliminate suckers in tobacco crop and in banana gardens.

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